Vancouver to Guaymas October 2010


In a fully loaded Ford Ranger truck Bill, Janet and Amber headed south with Ron Sevier. Ron was on his way to Mazatlan to take some things to Calliope while Fran stayed at home qualifying for Canadian Citizenship and supervising the design and then construction of their new home in Pender Harbour.  We had quite a few boxes and suitcases as well as Amber’s litter box, bed, food tray etc. The plane reservations were not cancelled until we were sure all the stuff would fit.

Ron is a driver. Apparently he does not like to be a passenger so drive he did!  First stop, Seattle to buy fabric then later Varnish for the cabin sole on Calliope.  Away we headed again and drove as far as Yreka, California for the first night’s stop.

Next stop, San Francisco. First, we had a chance to meet Ron’s cousin and her daughter’s family. The cousin lives on a farm in rural California and it was lovely to see that area . Ron and Fran are from the Bay area and lived there for quite a few years. Ron was on the hunt for more boat supplies and stopped at Svenson’s Marine store for the first stop.  Then off to pick up some precut teak for trim and by the time we got to the lumber yard for the teak plywood, they had closed.  We spent the night and got the teak first thing the next morning.  We also managed to fit in 2 stops at Healthy food stores for some special provisions and a stop at Trader Joe’s where we got 2 cases of “two buck chuck” to stock the boat. Wine in Mexico is cheaper than in Canada but not that cheap!

Now the little truck was really loaded.  We had to unload everything to rearrange and fit the teak plywood, cut to specific sizes to go in first.  It took some talented packing but it all fit back in!  We were on our way by about noon and carried on to the Palm Springs area for the night.   The next day we travelled as for as Tucson then stopped for the night.  It is a logical stop so that the trip through Mexico to Guaymas could take place during daylight hours.  Land travel in Mexico is becoming less comfortable and considerably more dangerous, so nights on the road are to be avoided.

We arrived in San Carlos about 2:30 the next afternoon and gave Ron a tour of the area before going to Guaymas Marina Seca to unload all our boxes onto the boat. There was no way we could sleep on the boat without unloaded and rearranging so wa all stayed at the Flamingo Hotel. After a quick breakfast, Ron dropped us off at the boat and headed south on his way to Mazatlan. That leg of the trip takes about 8 hours ( 12 by bus) so again he wanted to be away to make the trip during the day.

We thoroughly enjoyed the trip with Ron. We even came to appreciate his humour and mostly learned when he was joking and when he was serious. 

Lyn and Debbie on Dolphin Tales have just arrived in Guaymas from Mazatlan by bus and they tell us Ron found that last day to be a long one. He probably won’t make the trip by car again once he drives back in late November. His plans are to be in the Bay area for the American Thanksgiving with his family.

We’re now in the water tied up to the dock at Singlar Marina in Guaymas. Mentor (Dick and Cindy) is beside us. Murray Grey (Jim and Bonnie) with Lynn ad Debbie aboard are leaving today and heading south. Sea Turtle (Jordan and Judy) from Victoria is across the dock. They are heading out in a couple of days! We’ve met Ken on Plan B and Cindy and Steve on Victoria Rose (another Tyana 37) and many more people who are in the work yard here.  We’ve been here less than a week, and there has been a pot luck, a dock party, a dinner out in San Carlos reacquainting with those from previous years and 2 dinners out in Guaymas! We were also picked up for dinner from the work yard by Jim and Bonnie one night and Lisette and Dennis (Windward) on another night. So needless to say the social life has not slowed down!!

We were on the hard at Marina Seca from Tuesday morning until we were put in the water on Saturday morning.  It is tough and dirty work in a very dusty work yard but the boat did well through another summer here. 

Amber has adapted beautifully to life back on the boat.  It is as if she had never been away;although she is definitely more independent. Bill is quite annoyed that she no longer runs to sit on his lap; however,the lap has not been very available since there has not been much down time since we’ve been here.

Bonnie and Jim, along with Lyn and Debbie for crew have headed off to Topolobompa (200 miles south) then plan on heading up to the Copper Canyon for a week or so while leaving the boat at the marina in Topo.  Mentor have headed off toward La Paz. Their plan is to be in Central America ASAP.  We will head north to spend a bit of time up in the Sea before the northers set in..

No pictures for this part. We’ve a new camera and haven’t got anything loaded yet.


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2 Responses to Vancouver to Guaymas October 2010

  1. Glen Middleton says:

    Hey guys, remember us? Just sitting here in Phuket, Thailand cleaning up the favourites on one of our laptops when I came across your site. Sounds like Mexician cruising is a nice fit!
    Noticed in one of your blogs the name “Ron Sevier” – if I am not mistaken, he and his wife were the former owners of Juguete? Have I got that right? If so, say to hi to him for me. As you know I believe, I sold Juguete over 10 years ago to my friend Jim McConnell who is taking good care of her.
    We are planning on hauling out Tin Soldier in Malaysia at the end of March and flying home for a bit – Jaryd wants to experience being a normal kid for awhile and will finish off grade 9 at our local high school in White Rock. Whether we head east or west from here in a year’s time will depend in part how friends who are currently heading up to the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea fair.
    Hope to see you at some point upon our return. All the best.
    Glen and crew

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